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Air Ventilators

air ventilator air ventilator air ventilator air ventilator

Air Ventlator

Size : 28" NetDia & 21" throat Dia

Weight : 6.5 Kg approx

Technology : Teflone Bushing ( noiseless)

Blades : 36 Nos. 0.5mm Aluminum Blades

Frame : MS galvanized

Top Cover : Stainless Steel

Note : Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Powder Coating / Anodizing will be on request.

Salient features

  • Air Power Ventilator's vane are manufactured from high grade aluminium including the rivets and therefore highly resistant to atmoshperic corrosion.
  • No power involved for its operation as its movement is controled by natura wind movement / hot air draft (Thermos Syphoning).
  • The vane's are profiled and rolled to provide strong blade with good aerodynamic performances.
  • Air Power Ventilators are light in weight and hence operational at very lightly wind speeds.
  • Since no power involved for its operations, no recurring charges in terms of electricity.
  • The vane design and the centrifugal action prevent rain water from entering the ventilator.
  • Designed to be fitted easily on asbestos, galvanized, iron and aluminium roofs.Assured ventilation for 24 hours / 65 days.

How To Calculate A Requirement of air Ventilator:

1. No. of Ventilator Required = Ventilation Rate Q
  Exhaust Capacity
2. Required Ventilation rate ( cfm)= Volume (ft) * Air Change Rate
3. Volume of Space to be ventilated (ft) = 1*w*h
4. Select Air Change Rate from. Table A.
5. Select Exhaust Capacity from Table B as per required Temp.
Diff. C and wind- Velocity (MPH).

Table A: Required Air charge rates

Type of Building Air Change rate Per Hour
Type of Building Air Change Rate Per Hour
Were House 4-6 Engine room / Laundry @ Plastic Factory Heavy Factory / Transformer room
Textile Mill / Auditorium 4-12
Factories ( Light) Hall 6-12 Print Shop / Boiler room 15-60
Paper MW / Brewery / Oil mill / Packaging Room 8-30    

Table B: Perfomance Data

WIND Velocity (mph)   5 8 10
Temp Diff c   3 5 10 3 5 10 3 5 10
  STACK (Height ft) Exhaust Capacity in CFM
Model No.
10 939 1000 1102 1436 1498 1600 1792 1854 1958
20 1005 1084 1216 1503 1582 1714 1859 1938 2070
30 1058 1154 1314 1556 1652 1812 1915 2010 2168

Available Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Model.

stainless steel stainless steels stainlesssteel

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